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5 Lite French Interior Door

5 Lite French Interior Door


French doors are a beautiful and stylish option for an interior door. The lites, or glass panes, allow natural light to flow into the room and make for a timeless and elegant look. Our French doors come in a variety of grid options, from single lite all the way up to 18-lite.

This French door features a 5-lite design on 1 3/8" thick pine. The 5-lite door works perfectly for a small single or double door opening. Smaller widths can even be used as a sidelight for larger door openings. The clear pine material can be finished using a rich stain or a clear top coat for a natural look.

*12", 15", and 16"W x 80"H doors cannot have a Bore in sides for regular doorknob. This size width can only host a dummy knob.

*Glass measurement is 9-5/8"W x 13-1/8"H. Door uses single tempered glass, using muntin or grid to give the look of separate panes. Doors are shipped with a layer of plastic covering the glass. We recommend removing after you've completed finishing with an oil-based product only with a straight edge razor.

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