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Smooth Carrara Molded Bifold Door (Primed)

Smooth Carrara Molded Bifold Door (Primed)


Smooth molded bifold doors are perfectly suited to classic American architecture. They are easy to maintain and come in a variety of styles. The bi-fold door style helps to maximize valuable space and is perfect for places where a swinging door is not suitable. Perfect for closets and pantries.

The Carrara Molded Bifold Door has a smooth surface and primed finish ready for paint. The 4 raised square panels give it a contemporary design that is suitable for any modern home.

Single unit bifolds with widths of 48”, 60”, and 72” are on the same track. Actual width of bifold doors are slightly less than indicated to allow for proper installation – i.e. a 24” wide by 80” high actually measures 11-13/16” wide per panel by 79” high and 1-3/8" thick. Due to their construction, these items cannot be trimmed down and are sold as is. If you require special dimensions, please contact customer service for a custom quote.

Bifolds include overhead track and hardware for each unit.

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